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I'm AJ, a Senior Product Designer and Figmagician 🧙‍♂️

Shaping innovative experiences with a touch of creative magic.

Previously at LendInvest and Eigen Technologies

With an extensive background spanning over a decade across pivotal roles at Eigen Technologies, LendInvest, and WHSmith, I bring a refined blend of UI/UX proficiency developed since 2018. My approach, traversing the entire design process, not only showcases expertise in micro-interactions but also emphasises crafting user-centric solutions based on user insights.


I've led design system revitalisation, fostering a unified language for enhanced Product team collaboration and efficiency. This endeavour extends to inclusive design principles, ensuring visually appealing designs remain accessible. Additionally, I've designed a flagship product pivotal to an IPO, showcasing my strategic impact in product development and market success. I have also designed and launched an internal product to significantly speed up the mortgage loan approval process.


Beyond design, my diverse passions include gaming, drawing, and writing my upcoming high-fantasy novel, destined for bestseller status.

What I'm known for

Product design

User experience design

User interface design

Design systems

User research


Workshop facilitation

GIF showing UX/UI work done on the Eigen platform
Eigen platform redesign

In my role as a Senior Product Designer at Eigen, I overhauled the user experience for Eigen's proprietary AI software. Drawing on my expertise in UX/UI, I played a pivotal role in transforming concepts into visually compelling and user-friendly products. Through cross-functional collaboration, I ensured designs aligned seamlessly with business goals and user needs.


Additionally, I contributed to and maintained the company's fledgling design system, working with designers and developers to build and document each foundational component as part of the platform redesign.

Case study coming soon...
[GIF] Broker Portal.gif
LendInvest Broker Portal

As a Product Designer at LendInvest, I led the design and launch of the Broker Portal. I streamlined the cumbersome paper application process to an online format, ensuring a seamless user experience from initial enquiries to application submission. The intuitive dashboard provides brokers with essential deal information, with integrated features like progress tracking, case management and potential earnings.


This project marked the beginning of LendInvest's journey to revolutionise property finance through innovative design and technology, ultimately enabling them to go public in July 2021.

[GIF] Admin Portal.gif
LendInvest Admin portal

As a Product Designer, I tackled challenges faced by the internal team, addressing repetitive data entry, complex documentation, and time-consuming processes, transforming frustrations into efficient and time-saving solutions. This solution reduced loan approval time from approximately 3 hours to just 30 minutes per application by streamlining data entry into a single button and organising data into a more readable format.

This platform formed part of LendInvest's IPO when it went public in July 2021.

[GIF] LDS.gif
LendInvest Design System

In a hybrid Product Designer/Manager role within a new, dedicated team, I spearheaded the transformation of an emerging design system into a standalone product. My responsibilities encompassed overseeing, contributing to, documenting, and governing the design system, intended for integration across LendInvest's product ecosystem. Simultaneously, I guided the team in prioritising workloads, refining workflows, creating roadmaps, and fostering effective collaboration with designers, developers and stakeholders.

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