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About Me

Hi there 👋. I'm AJ, a Senior Product Designer, working remotely in South West England.

I have been working as a Product Designer in London since July 2019 and more recently, I have become passionate about the building and maintaining of Design Systems. With over a decade of working in design, and specialising in UI/UX since 2018, with a focus on product design, interaction design and design ops, I have the knowledge and ability to bring a product from concept to MVP to full adoption of flagship products.

My approach is rooted in understanding the micro interactions and the nitty-gritty of how things work and how people use them and applying these understandings to create a seamless and accessible experience for all. I see design challenges as puzzles and get real satisfaction from solving them.

I’m excited and driven by finding the Eureka! moments in the problems I’m trying to solve. I have a desire to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable so that they can ultimately have less stress in their lives.

In 2019 I graduated the  MA Digitial Experience Design course at Hyper Island, passing with Distinction. The course taught me how to use Design Thinking and a human-centred approach in response to complex design challenges, and to develop effective user experiences. Clients I worked with include the BBC, Fika, Social Chain and the Manchester Homelessness Partnership. These projects were focused on a variety of problem spaces, including social issues, understanding people, developing emerging technology, creating an experience for an emotional wellness application and business transformation.


When I'm not pushing pixels around a screen, I'm usually gaming, drawing, reading and writing my first bestselling high-fantasy novel, playing or watching football.

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