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Broker portal

Moving the laborious Bridging mortgage application process from a paper form to an online portal built on innovative technology 
My Role:

Product designer​

Tools used:

Figma, Experience Design, User Testing, Journey mapping, Prototyping

The problem

Mortgage brokers across the property sector have struggled for years with a lengthy application process that, up until recently, has largely remained on thick paper documents. Not only does the application form itself take time to complete, but even getting the completed application form submitted is a chore. Brokers have to find the application form PDF, print it out, complete the applications - often with missing information from their clients, which only adds to the delay - and then scan each page and send the document to a mortgage lender via email. This document then needs to be keyed into a system by one of the lending firm's team, which also takes time.
The solution

LendInvest wanted to build on the momentum it had garnered from the release of the new Genesys web application by building out a new Broker Portal, which takes the paper application process and moves it to an online application form. This new application process, built on the Salesforce Cloud Community framework provided the added benefit of being able to provide progress tracking information, case management, documentation uploading and has provided a foundation for our innovative technology to be added in at a later date. 

Now brokers can sign into the portal, submit an initial enquiry to check to see if their clients' needs are able to be met by our product offerings, discuss the deal with our business development managers (BDM) and then being able to proceed straight to a full application form. A simple-to-use dashboard provides all the information a broker would need to see about their deal at a glance; the stage the deal is at, the gross loan amount for the deal and the number of any outstanding tasks that require their attention.

Additionally, we set them up with a key contact they can talk to whenever they need to and we've built into the dashboard something that hasn't been seen anywhere across the industry - the amount of earnings a broker is set to make from their deals.

We've really made property finance simple - and this is just the beginning.
Broker portal Dashboard.png
Broker portal enquiry.jpg
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