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Genesys portal

Designing a webapp portal for internal users to provide a more efficient way of packaging specialist mortgages. 
My Role:

Product designer​

Tools used:

Figma, Experience Design, User Testing, Journey mapping, Prototyping

The problem
  • Due diligence from BDMs, CMs and UWs is long and repetitive
  • Around 12 separate checks are required for each applicant, up to a maximum of 4 applicants and companies. This is required for every single application
  • Each check requires constant manual entry into separate third party application
    Case managers process roughly 200 applications a week, a number that is increasing weekly
The solution
Case - individual(s) - Credit Backed DIP
Genesys - first iteration
Complete packaging card.png
Second iteration
OLD Packaging card.jpg
The process & challenges
Insight report.png
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